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Touch Technologies Explained
A guide to understanding how touch screens work.

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17″ Desktop Touch Monitor, NEC E171M, Black, Resistive, eGalax, USB


19″ Desktop Touch Monitor, AS193i, Resistive, eGalax, USB, Black

22″ Desktop Touch Monitor, AS222WM, Black Resistive, eGalax, USB


24″ Wide, NEC P242W-BK Desktop Monitor, Resistive, USB Interface Black

40″ NEC P403 Large Screen Display, Infrared (IR) touch technology, USB Interface, 6 Touch, Black

55″ NEC P553 Large Format Display, 6 Point Touch Display integrated with Infrared (IR) Touch Technology.

55″ NEC V Series V552 Large Format Multi Touch Display integrated with Infrared (IR) Touch Technology.

65″, NEC Information Display, V652, Black, 6 point infrared (IR) multi-touch.

70″, NEC Information Display, E705, Black, 6 point infrared (IR) touch.

70″, NEC Information Display, P703, Black, 6 point infrared (IR) touch

80″, NEC Information Display, E805, Black, 6 Point Infrared Touch

80″, NEC Information Display, V801, Black, 6 point infrared (IR) touch

84″, NEC Information Display, X841UHD, Black, 12 point infrared (IR) touch