Corporate and Commercial Touch Screen Solutions


Corporations have both an internal and external face. Those two faces require communication, and that communication often is done digitally. The accountant might use a touch monitor to track outgoing bills and expenditures. The CEO of a company might use an interactive display in his or her presentation with stakeholders.

BusinessMan-TouchThe intention behind implementing a touch-integrated solution at a corporation isn’t to create a Star Trek-like environment – although that may be an indirect result – but to create an environment where work can occur. When employees can perform an action in one step that used to take ten steps, they are more productive and generally more content. They aren’t frustrated by a process; instead, they complete that process and move onto other tasks requiring their attention.

Digital displays, too, can contribute to the corporate culture. Displays can broadcast company information. They might reward employee behavior or share what social causes the company supports. When utilized as an outward-facing tool, an interactive display might share pertinent information with current and potential customers or be used as a wayfinding device.

TouchSystems Corporate Touch Screen Solutions:

TE SeriesStandard and widescreen touch monitors
InnovatouchProjected capacitive touch screens
M and W SeriesIntegrated standard and widescreen touch monitors
SH SeriesProfessional-grade touch displays with fanless architecture
P SeriesProfessional-grade, 24/7 operation touch displays
V SeriesVersatile commercial touch displays
Touch Overlays30-70"
  • Touch Technology Options
  • Resistive
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Projected Capacitive
  • Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)
  • Infrared
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