Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is everywhere: at the grocery store, the bank and even college campuses. What might not be everywhere is interactive digital signage. Interactive digital signage is different from traditional digital signage, because the interactivity adds an element of functionality and engagement. With interactive digital, a touch or a gesture may set actions in motion, such as ordering a meal or customizing a car. You could even use interactive digital signage to take a photo, print it or share it on your favorite social network.

The options are almost limitless when it comes to interactive digital signage, which is why it has applicability to a variety of industries. Interactive digital signage can be used as a wayfinding device. It can be used in educational and corporate environments. It can be found in department stores, hospitals, and restaurants.

Interactive digital signage may utilize one touch point, is similar to the way in which a computer and mouse interacts, or may utilize multiple touch points. The number of touch points depends on the touch technology. For example, dispersive signal technology allows for one touch point; infrared allows up to six touch points.

TouchSystems Digital Signage Solutions:

SH SeriesProfessional-grade touch displays with fanless architecture
P SeriesProfessional-grade, 24/7 operation touch displays
V SeriesVersatile commercial touch displays
X SeriesExecutive-level touch displays
Touch Overlays30-70″
  • Touch Technology Options
  • Projected Capacitive Technology
  • Infrared
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