Educational Touch Screen Solutions

edcuationThe students of today are “digital natives” growing up in a world of constant digital stimulation. Harness this natural instinct with interactive displays for teaching and learning. Go beyond the paper books of yesterday.

TouchSystems Educational Touch Screen Solutions:

TE SeriesStandard and widescreen touch monitors
InnovatouchProjected capacitive touch screens
IndustraTouchAll-in-one touch systems
M and W SeriesIntegrated standard and widescreen touch monitors
SH SeriesProfessional-grade touch displays with fanless architecture
P SeriesProfessional-grade, 24/7 operation touch displays
V SeriesVersatile commercial touch displays
Touch Overlays30-70"
  • Touch Technology Options
  • Resistive
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Projected Capacitive
  • Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)
  • Infrared
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