Healthcare Touch Screen Solutions


Touch displays form a critical component of the medical industry. Touch displays allow for both instant communication as well as intuitive usability and shortened input times. All those things help healthcare professionals to expedite internal processes, which, in turn, create a more enjoyable patient experience.

The actual application of touch varies within healthcare environments. Interactive digital signage can be used as informational displays or wayfinding devices. Digital displays also can be used as educational tools; interns might use an interactive touch display and a software program to study human anatomy or other subjects.

Healthcare environments could use touch monitors, too. A touch monitor or display could be used to monitor a patient or to ease the check-in process. It might be used for facility communications. For instance, a healthcare professional could check a patient into the radiology department via a touch monitor, then track that patient’s arrival to the radiology department and subsequent return to his or her room. A touch monitor also could be used for administrative functions or diagnostic and clinical reviews.

TouchSystems Healthcare Touch Screen Solutions:

TE SeriesStandard and widescreen touch monitors
InnovatouchProjected capacitive touch screens
IndustraTouchAll-in-one touch systems
M and W SeriesIntegrated standard and widescreen touch monitors
SH SeriesProfessional-grade touch displays with fanless architecture
P SeriesProfessional-grade, 24/7 operation touch displays
V SeriesVersatile commercial touch displays
Touch Overlays30-70"
  • Touch Technology Options
  • Resistive
  • Surface Capacitive
  • Projected Capacitive
  • Dispersive Signal Technology (DST)
  • Infrared
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