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Touch Screens in Restaurants

Touch screens and digital signage are becoming more and more common in restaurant settings. The reason is simple; they increase efficiency and productivity on the part of employees, and they meet customers’ needs to know more or to be entertained. Touch screens can be used in a number of ways in a restaurant, but they […]

Why are LED Touch Screens More Energy Efficient?

LEDs have been long touted for their energy efficiency. What makes them that way? Why does it matter? What Makes LEDs More Energy Efficient LEDs are more energy efficient for three, main reasons: They require less power (less wattage) than their light bulb or incandescent bulb counterparts. They remain cool; that is, they don’t cause […]

Measuring the ROI of Digital Signage

One of the main impediments to using digital signage is the cost factor. You may worry not only about recouping your investment but also about making financial gains based on that investment. They’re both valid concerns and fortunately are one that can be addressed. To assuage your concerns, particularly the concerns of stakeholders, you must […]

Why Flypaper for Digital Signage?

We use Flypaper to create much of the content used at tradeshows and other events. We like it because it’s easy to use but can still result in impressive design work. That’s one of the primary reasons we choose to use the digital signage software, but let’s talk about why it might interest you. Cost […]

How to Clean Your Touch Screen

Touch screens, like any other computer screens, get dirty. The screens fill with fingerprints and smudges until it’s impossible to see the image displayed on the screen. The screens do need to be cleaned regularly as a part of maintenance; cleaning them is essential to their longevity. Preventing surface buildup keeps the screen free of […]

5 Hidden Costs of Digital Signage

No one expects a digital signage installation to be inexpensive, but the costs can quickly spiral out of control if they aren’t thought through at the outset. Some of those costs are obvious; for instance, one knows that some sort of large format display – sometimes one integrated with touch – and some sort of […]

Media Players and Internet Connectivity: Do You Need Both?

When thinking through your digital signage solution, you may wonder if you need a media player with internet connectivity. You might not depending on your application, but you should pause before making that final decision. You have to remember to think long-term. Will you want a solution with an internet connection a year or two […]

Media Player Versus Site Server: When is it Time to Upgrade?

In a single store or restaurant, a media player will suffice. If, however, that store is akin to the Macy’s in New York City or that restaurant is a large-scale cafeteria with multiple eating venues, a media player will struggle because more screens probably will be in use. It will struggle in terms of processing […]

How to Choose a Media Player

If the choice of which touch screen to purchase weren’t challenging enough, the choice is further complicated by thoughts of what to use to power the content that will be shown on the screen. Does the screen have an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot? If it doesn’t, is the slot an OPS-compliant one? What other […]