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How Does Touch Affect Your Choice of a Media Player?

Touch, as it relates to digital signage of today, comes in two varieties: single touch and multi-touch. Both of those necessitate different media players. Single touch screens typically work best with standard media players. They do need more processing power than a standard digital signage solution but not much. The power requirement changes if other […]

Is Your Digital Signage Installation Prepared for Growth?

Many digital signage installations begin with a single point; that is, one store or building on a college campus is used for testing and benchmarking. Once those things occur and bugs are ironed out, other installations are rolled out. That tends to be the process, but installations don’t always work that way. If long-term goals […]

Should You Use PowerPoint for Digital Signage?

PowerPoint has some options that allow the the software to be used more successfully in digital signage applications. The question is whether “more successfully” equals successful. In most cases, the answer is no. The challenge with PowerPoint is that it’s not scalable. It can’t be updated in real time. It isn’t meant for direct interaction; […]

Taking Digital Signage Outdoors

Is your digital signage ready for the outdoors? View the infographic from Digital Signage Today and Manufacturing Resources International to make sure it is. Beating the Elements with Outdoor Digital Signage [Infographic] Compliments of Digital Signage Today Learn more at DigitalSignageToday.com/Outdoor

Digital Signage in Hospitality Environments

Digital signage in hospitality isn’t a new concept, but the growth of digital signage in those locations is. “Why” you ask? One reason is simple need. Digital signage meets a need within hospitality environments to provide entertainment and information to guests and to increase brand awareness and advertising possibilities to owners. Another is demand. The […]

6 Considerations for a Successful Digital Signage Installation

Each digital signage installation is different, but some fundamental considerations apply to any of them. For instance, a digital signage installation requires certain hardware and software. That hardware and software may differ from organization to organization and from company to company, but those two components are essential. Without them, there is no digital signage installation. […]

What Touch Technologies are Available at TouchSystems?

Touch technologies are abound in today’s world. They range from surface capacitive to projected capacitive to Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and infra red and optical. What does all that mean? How do those different technologies work? Which ones are available at TouchSystems? TouchSystems doesn’t offer every type of touch technology. For instance, optical touch is […]

Touch Technologies Examined: Resistive and Surface Capacitive

Resistive and surface capacitive are two common touch technologies in smaller desktop monitors and displays ranging from six to 24 inches. Both technologies have their markets and uses. The tricky part is discerning when one technology might be a better choice than the other. Surface capacitive is sometimes called a “general purpose” technology even though […]

Projected Capacitive: It is not just for Smartphones Anymore

Most technologies start small then go large. Some technologies are changed in that process. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and Dispersive Signal Technology (DST), for instance, share similarities but one is designed for small screens and the other is meant for large ones. Projected capacitive (PCap) is a case of the former type of technology; it […]

Omni-Channel Marketing and Digital Signage

Omni-channel marketing is the premise that all marketing channels should work together. The channels – print, in-store, digital media, social, mobile – aren’t silos. They integrate with each other, complement each other, and provide a seamless experience from one channel to another. In doing so, businesses create increased visits and loyal customers, thereby ensuring a […]