Corporate Reboot: From Whiteboards to WOW!

The Situation:

Working to help resellers and integrators, our partner presented an opportunity with a client wanting to modernize several aspects of their corporate office.  They had projectors that were getting close to bulb replacement, whiteboards that were tired and didn’t erase completely, and corkboards for internal memos.  Our A/V partner coordinated with their IT staff, marketing staff, and third party vendors, to install a total package that would breathe new life into all aspects of the business.

Conference Room Displays

The Specifics:

  • 1 Lobby with outdated art hanging on the walls and a stack of stale golf magazines.
  • 1 Receptionist desk with paper sign-in sheet.
  • 3 Conference rooms with projectors and whiteboards.
  • 2 Employee lounges/break rooms with corkboards for internal communications.

The Solutions:

  • For the Lobby: To greet visitors, display company achievements, and announce upcoming releases, and reduce perceived waiting times, our client needed something more than a dusty art print on the wall.  We supplied the integrator with an 84” LG 4K Display with a protective glass overlay.  The display was connected to the client’s network to easily manage content from a central location and keep the lobby fresh.  The results were eye-popping from the second you step in the door.
  • For the Receptionist Desk: Paper sign in sheets are a thing of the past.  For a better visitor experience and easier records keeping, we delivered a 17” desktop monitor with resistive touch screen and a privacy filter.  The client’s IT team connected the monitor to their network so visitors can sign in and get a customized greeting.  No paper or pen required.
  • For the Conference Rooms: Whiteboards with different colored dry erase markers and PowerPoint presentations on a dim projector don’t do much for engaging meetings.  We eliminated both antiquities by delivering 70” Sharp 4K displays with 12-point touch screen and protective glass.  Employees could cue up presentations, video conference feeds, charts, graphs, web content, and anything else they desired, from anywhere in the world.
  • For the Break Rooms: Replacing tired corkboards full of thumb tacks, we provided matching 46” NEC Displays with integrated media players and multi-touch for interactivity.  Once mounted, the displays were connected to the network via third party content management software.  The client was able to easily feed critical updates and announcements to their employees who were able to scroll through and provide feedback through the touch interface.

The Summary:

In the end, we were able to change the way the client tackles every meeting and greets every visitor.  They were able to strengthen their branding and customer relations from the first step inside the lobby to the last handshake after a meeting.  Employees were kept up the speed while encouraging engagement, and had a fresh new working environment to spark ideas.  The A/V integrator combined our interactive displays along with their preference of mounting hardware, media players, content management software, and more is a sure shot to changing “business as usual” for this client.  We develop solutions that play well with others, so you can to.

Meeting Room Display