5 Hidden Costs of Digital Signage

No one expects a digital signage installation to be inexpensive, but the costs can quickly spiral out of control if they aren’t thought through at the outset. Some of those costs are obvious; for instance, one knows that some sort of large format display – sometimes one integrated with touch – and some sort of hardware to run the content on that display will have to be purchased. Some other costs aren’t quite as obvious but are as pressing.

What are those costs? The following list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a good starting point.

  1. Software. Digital signage requires software, an item that needs to be considered at the outset. What software will run the content? Does the software include content creation tools or only content management? Will that software require upgrades or have relicensing fees? All those things add up.
  2. Hardware. Hardware has to be upgraded either because it’s no longer serviced by the manufacturer or because it no longer can bear the software load. Hardware sometimes fails, too, and may have repair fees associated with its upkeep.
  3. Training. Software and hardware often require training. Some of that training may have costs associated with it. Other costs include the time required for training; employees in training won’t be working on projects that have been assigned to them.
  4. Creative Services. Not all companies have a staff dedicated to creating content and will need to hire a graphic designer or copywriter.
  5. Technical Support. Technical support for software and hardware isn’t free, particularly if that support has to come to the installation site or if either of those things have to be returned and replaced or repaired.

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