Is Your Digital Signage Installation Prepared for Growth?

Many digital signage installations begin with a single point; that is, one store or building on a college campus is used for testing and benchmarking. Once those things occur and bugs are ironed out, other installations are rolled out.

X4080I-U1That tends to be the process, but installations don’t always work that way. If long-term goals aren’t established when first designing the installation, it’s easy to focus on short-term gains and to invest in short-term solutions. An example would be a closed system; it eases the installation and networking process initially, but it makes growing and adapting that installation to other locations difficult.

To be prepared for growth, the long-term plan needs to be considered even when thinking about the initial implementation. What networking concerns would apply if an installation were to be rolled out campus-wide or to multiple stores? What sort of content management system would control all those installation points? How would those installations be cared for? Who would be responsible for the day-to-day and monthly maintenance? Who would determine content for the entire campus or store brand? Would individual departments and stores have some autonomy when it comes to their installation point? For instance, would those installations have content specific to the time of day and location?

Such questions may seem overwhelming, but they have to be asked. They are necessary, particularly if an installation is meant to expand beyond a single point.

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