Digital Signage in Hospitality Environments

hospitalDigital signage in hospitality isn’t a new concept, but the growth of digital signage in those locations is. “Why” you ask? One reason is simple need. Digital signage meets a need within hospitality environments to provide entertainment and information to guests and to increase brand awareness and advertising possibilities to owners. Another is demand. The world is becoming one of interfacing with a screen, and digital signage – particularly interactive digital signage – brings that world closer and closer. Guests no longer only touch phones and tablets; they touch screens of varying sizes from the one at the ATM to the 55-inch display in the hotel lobby.

If digital signage is growing in hospitality, it’s worth considering how to implement it. Our latest PDF, “Digital Signage in Hospitality Environments,” seeks to do just that.

Download “Digital Signage in Hospitality Environments.”

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