6 Considerations for a Successful Digital Signage Installation

digital signageEach digital signage installation is different, but some fundamental considerations apply to any of them. For instance, a digital signage installation requires certain hardware and software. That hardware and software may differ from organization to organization and from company to company, but those two components are essential. Without them, there is no digital signage installation.

What are the other elements of a successful digital signage project? The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a starting point for implementing a successful digital signage installation:

  1. Purchase partner. Where will you buy your hardware and software? Will you have technical support for those products? Will you have to install the products yourself? Do you have the knowledge and experience necessary for that installation? Do you have the time?
  2. Hardware. What hardware do you need? How large of a display do you need? How thin does it need to be? What are the environmental concerns? How will you mount it? What type of screen do you need? What sort of media player do you need? Does the display come with an onboard computer or will you need other hardware?
  3. Software. What software will you use? Is your operating system Linux, Windows, or Mac? Will your hardware and software work with the operating system you have? Will you need to have someone install the software?
  4. Installation. Who is going to mount the display? Who is going to wire it? Will you do the work, or do you require the expertise of an integrator? What are the electrical requirements of your hardware and software? What about the architectural component? Will you need to hire a contractor?
  5. Content. What content are you going to share? What are your goals with that content? Are you educating or marketing or a combination of both? Who’s designing the content? Who’s curating it?
  6. Support. Who is going to provide technical support? Who will ensure that your hardware and software will work when updates are required either for the hardware and software or for the network itself?

It’s important to answer those questions before investing time and energy into a digital signage campaign. It’s the only way to increase the likelihood of having a successful one. If you need help navigating some of those considerations, don’t hesitate to call us at (512) 846-2424.

Image: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8235/8454665935_2ce1de4524_b.jpg via Creative Commons