Why are LED Touch Screens More Energy Efficient?

LEDs have been long touted for their energy efficiency. What makes them that way? Why does it matter?

What Makes LEDs More Energy Efficient

LEDs are more energy efficient for three, main reasons:

  1. They require less power (less wattage) than their light bulb or incandescent bulb counterparts.
  2. They remain cool; that is, they don’t cause heat buildup.
  3. They last longer than most bulbs. They not only last longer in terms of power but also last longer in terms of durability.

Why More Energy Efficient LEDs Matters

Energy efficiency matters because it affects costs. An energy efficient display will cut down on costs associated with power consumption. It also will cut down on costs related to maintenance. Since LEDs last longer and don’t contribute to heat buildup as much, a technician will not have to repair the display or replace components as often.