Media Player Versus Site Server: When is it Time to Upgrade?

modern day cafeteriaIn a single store or restaurant, a media player will suffice. If, however, that store is akin to the Macy’s in New York City or that restaurant is a large-scale cafeteria with multiple eating venues, a media player will struggle because more screens probably will be in use. It will struggle in terms of processing power, and it will struggle in terms of dispensing content to multiple end points.

With such a scenario, it’s time to consider upgrading to a site server. A site server allows you to download content once to the server. In turn, the server feeds each player in the store or restaurant. The site server cuts down on the power needed to run the displays, and it ensures continuity with the content that is displayed.

A site server doesn’t remove the need for media players completely; they are still needed, but you won’t have to purchase high-performance ones since the server saves bandwidth and reduces the processing power needed at an individual player level. In some cases, you’ll be able to use an embedded chip player at the individual level, an act that not only helps with energy consumption but also results in cost savings to you.

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Image Credit: Creative Commons