Media Players and Internet Connectivity: Do You Need Both?

When thinking through your digital signage solution, you may wonder if you need a media player with internet connectivity. You might not depending on your application, but you should pause before making that final decision. You have to remember to think long-term. Will you want a solution with an internet connection a year or two from now?

V5550D-U2You may wonder why you would want a media player with an internet connection; after all, internet connections can be notoriously sketchy depending on bandwidth and environmental factors such as flooring or support pillars. If you think about your daily use of the internet, though, you might rethink that wondering. You might begin to see how the internet could complement your digital signage content.

Such a pairing often is referred to as an “omnichannel” strategy. This strategy attempts to create an engaging and satisfactory customer experience (CX) across all channels, including the digital signage within your location as well as your customers’ phones, interactions with your employees, and visits to your website via an actual computer or a tablet. With such a strategy you can link your digital signage solution to:

  1. Your e-commerce site
  2. Customers’ mobile devices in order to send personalized content and promotions
  3. Social networks so that customers can share their experiences
  4. RSS feeds to share content from a news site or your own site
  5. Web-based content management system to update content easily

A media player with internet connectivity may be a good choice for your current or future digital signage solution. If you still aren’t sure about purchasing a media player with internet connectivity or have questions about a media player’s ability to handle internet connections, give us a call at (512) 846-2424. We’re happy to answer your questions and to help you figure out which media player is best for your particular application.