Omni-Channel Marketing and Digital Signage

Omni-channel marketing is the premise that all marketing channels should work together. The channels – print, in-store, digital media, social, mobile – aren’t silos. They integrate with each other, complement each other, and provide a seamless experience from one channel to another.

In doing so, businesses create increased visits and loyal customers, thereby ensuring a return on investment (ROI) with their digital signage and other marketing efforts. Tim Horton’s, for instance, has seen an increase in the average ticket price at locations that use digital signage versus those that do not. Similarly, restaurants such as Arby’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken have seen increased profits through the addition of drive-thru digital signage.

That digital signage doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s tied to the in-store experience and other marketing media. All those things are used because the businesses understand their customers. Their customers are on the go and probably looking for a place to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the office. By using social and mobile to promote time-sensitive offerings and ensuring that the in-store experience facilitates fast, easy transactions, they increase their chances that customers will come to their locations rather than go to a competitor.

Digital is used to create rich media like high-quality images for Instagram or videos for YouTube and Vine, and social sharing is added to that media so that it can reach an even larger audience. Again, such content and measures are taken because the businesses understand their customers. Their customers want consumable, entertaining, low-friction content, and they want to be able to share that content with their friends.

Digital signage bolsters and continues the other efforts; it contains up-to-date promos and is directly tied to inventory so that content can be altered as product availability increases or decreases or prices change. It also features attractive imagery – visually appealing content is key – and shares information about loyalty programs that can be received in the mail, email, text message, or a mobile app.

When all those pieces come together, businesses see results. Quantitatively, they report more visits and purchases. Qualitatively, they find increased customer satisfaction and engagement as well as higher brand awareness.

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