Should You Use PowerPoint for Digital Signage?

PowerPoint has some options that allow the the software to be used more successfully in digital signage applications. The question is whether “more successfully” equals successful.

V4280I-U3In most cases, the answer is no. The challenge with PowerPoint is that it’s not scalable. It can’t be updated in real time. It isn’t meant for direct interaction; it’s meant to be watched. Even if PowerPoint were scalable or easy to update, it’s immediately recognizable as a PowerPoint presentation. It’s like visiting a blog and knowing immediately that the author is using the default theme – the theme is that recognizable. No matter how good the content is, readers feel a hesitation. They wonder how good the content can be if the author didn’t devote any time to customizing the blog. They wonder how interested the author actually is in the words he or she is trying to share.

Viewers of a PowerPoint presentation feel the same hesitation. They see “PowerPoint” and start to tune out the message, no matter how good the message is. Presentation matters. Form matters. Content only is one part of the equation. Form is the other. Both must be involved in deciding what software solution to use for digital signage, and, in most cases, the decision isn’t PowerPoint. It’s something like Flypaper (software partner) orOmnitapps (software partner). It’s a solution that offers customization. It’s something that’s easy to update and can be scaled. It’s something that uses form to highlight the content and content to highlight the form.

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