Acoustic Pulse Recognition Technology (APR)

Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) is a patented touch technology from Elo. It shares similarities with 3M’s DST; however, APR can be integrated with both small- and large-format displays. The touch technology also shares some commonalities with SAW.

Like DST, APR utilizes one pane of glass with one transducer in each corner. When touch occurs, mechanical energy (bending waves) radiates from the touch location and is detected by the transducers. The transducers pinpoint the touch location by generating a unique sound for that location on the glass.

Acoustic Pulse Recognition Technology

Works with Various Inputs (Finger, Stylus, Touch Object)Touchscreen Mounting is Essential
High Transmission and OpticsNot a True Multi-Touch
Strong Durability
Flush-Top Surface
  • Uses/Applications
  • Interactive digital signage
  • Lobbies
  • Kiosks
  • High-use applications
  • Public spaces
  • Corporations
  • Educational settings
  • Way-finding
  • Digital menu boards
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