Surface Capacative Technology

Surface capacitive is a declining technology. Its inability to withstand heavy use and its lack of input options and touch points make it an unlikely choice in today’s touch market. That being said, it still is used in legacy gaming.

How Surface Capacitive Works:

Surface capacitive touchscreens have a conductive coating on the front surface. Wires are attached to each corner, and a small voltage is applied to each of the corners. When the screen is touched, a small current flows to the touch point, causing a voltage drop. The drop is sensed by the four corners, allowing the sensor to pinpoint the exact touch point.

Surface Capacative

Low CostUnable to withstand heavy use
Unaffected by many environmental factorsLimited to finger input only
No multi-touch capability
  • Uses/Applications
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Kiosks
  • Gaming and amusement
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