Touch Screens in Restaurants

Touch screens and digital signage are becoming more and more common in restaurant settings. The reason is simple; they increase efficiency and productivity on the part of employees, and they meet customers’ needs to know more or to be entertained. Touch screens can be used in a number of ways in a restaurant, but they typically fall into the following three categories:

  • Point of Sale (POS): Touch screens for making purchases, inputting orders, or planning seating arrangements have been used in restaurants for years. They will remain popular as touch screens increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Digital Menu Boards: Digital signage has been used as a way to replace static signage and to cut down on the time and cost associated with updating menu boards. That signage is poised to become more interactive, particularly as customers wish to see information specific to an item. In some restaurants, that interactive signage can allow customers to learn about how the business works with the community or efforts to use organic, local ingredients.
  • Gaming: Some restaurants are incorporating touch screens into the actual tables. This solution can go a number of directions; it can showcase a menu, offer payment options, advertise nearby events, or provide entertainment for kids through drawing or paint applications.

Where and how are you seeing touch screens or digital signage being used in restaurant spaces?