What Touch Technologies are Available at TouchSystems?

Touch technologies are abound in today’s world. They range from surface capacitive to projected capacitive to Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) and infra red and optical. What does all that mean? How do those different technologies work? Which ones are available at TouchSystems?

TouchSystems doesn’t offer every type of touch technology. For instance, optical touch is not a solution currently offered because of the gap it often creates between the overlay and the actual display. TouchSystems prefers to work with technologies that can be integrated into or with the displays, thus decreasing any potential gaps between the touch surface and the display and keeping the entire solution within ADA specifications. TouchSystems also doesn’t work with SAW regularly anymore simply because newer technologies work better and often are less expensive in terms of the time and effort spent integrating the technology as well as the cost handed to the consumer. TouchSystems offers the following touch technologies:

Resistive: the technology is integrated into desktop monitors ranging from 15-24 inches

Surface capacitive (SCap): like resistive, the technology is integrated into 15-24 inch desktop monitors

Projected capacitive (PCap): the technology bridges small-format and large-format in that it is integrated in sizes 15, 17, 19, 22, and 32 inches

Dispersive Signal Technology (DST): a single-touch technology integrated into large-format displays ranging from 32-55 inches

Infra red (IR): a multi-touch technology also integrated into 32-55 inch large-format screens

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